BCYA Bristol Channel Blue Book Cruiser Challenge

The BCYA is encouraging members of all of its member clubs to visit each other and to facilitate this it has introduced a new trophy and a new cup.

The first is the BCYA Dinghy Challenge Travellers’ Trophy and details of this were attached to this month’s Signal and are also set out on page 27 of the new Blue Book.

The second is the Bristol Channel “Blue Book” Cruiser Challenge and I attach details of this. I am sure that there are some members of our club who could participate for this Cup. Those skippers who participate in the summer cruise could certainly pick up some points. The details are also set out on page 26 of the new Blue Book.

The details will also be pinned up on the notice board in the downstairs entrance hall.

If anyone would like a copy of the Blue Book we do have copies available for sale at £10 – please contact Kathy Kilbey or myself.

Following on from the Bristol Channel “Blue Book” Cruiser Challenge I had the mad idea that we could do something similar, but just for LYC members, to give those cruiser members who sail along the Channel an opportunity to win a Trophy so the committee suggested the Commodore’s Cup but as we have so many cups with names that bear no relevance to what they are awarded for (and numerous sailing secretaries have struggled to decided what they are supposed to be awarded for) I think Lydney Cruiser Challenge Cup is a better description. The Rules are also attached. Yes the visits to various destinations during the summer cruise will count.

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