Burning tyres on the beach

Well not quite but we’ve had quite a behind the scenes debate going on since the last work party. Apparently, after the work party to insulate the loft had finished last weekend a club member noticed a pall of black smoke along the river bank. This was from the remains of a fire in which some old plastic had been burnt. Immediately concerned about Dioxins and general nastiness they contacted me.

Firstly, I can say after investigating this that the plastic concerned was very unlikely to be the kind that would emit the sort of ecological nasties that were of justifiable concern. Secondly this raises the issue of our social responsibility as a club. The harbour is becoming a much visited local landmark with people walking dogs (Some of whom actually take waste bags!) running, cycling and generally enjoying the view.

To this end I ask that everyone think about this wondeful facility of which we are lucky to be members. It is without doubt one of the most beautiful spots in the area and possibly in the country. Whilst we must manage and look after it we should perhaps be a little discrete when dealing with dumping and burning of rubbish.

There is, I am told a perfectly good rubbish collection from just outside the wall of the club on a Monday. We should bag up any rubbish and put it just outside the gate on a Sunday evening. I’m not sure about bottle recycling as at the moment our redoubtable bar manager tends to deal with that.

For other waste, please take it away with you or at least make sure it can be disposed of properly.

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  1. Could I take this opportunity to remind us all that there is a splendid household recycling facility ( aka the dump )based near Coleford. There is no real indication to burn anything other than wood. I would be willing to help take stuff there as I live near, providing it is not in ripped bags and dripping luminescent green slime.

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