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The Club is now registered at a Sail for Gold Club.

The aims are:

1. Inspire –bring fun to clubs we will be rebranding some of our events to Sail For Gold Events.

2. Celebrate – heritage exhibition of sailing this is travelling around the country and details can be found on the RYA’s website.

3. Support – Olympic Competitors.

The key dates for events:

Torch Relay – May to July – hold an event on day torch goes through the area.  Unfortunately, the Olympic Torch is not coming to the Forest so let’s have our own relay.  We will be receiving some blow up torches, with our pack of goodies, and as part of the Club Weekend on 14 and 15 July we will be organising a race/relay with these.

Regatta – Medal Race Day 9 June – Team GB holding a dry run at Weymouth full updates on website throughout the day.  You can go to the RYA’s website and get the regular updates.

Push the Boat Out – 21 July – the idea is to get as many boats out on the water as possible wave flags and get photos and send these to the local press and RYA.  As this coincides with the start of summer cruise we can definitely get the cruise off to the flying start with bunting etc.  So let’s really push the boat out and get as many boats ad crews doing the summer cruise as possible.

Sail for Gold “Have A Go Sessions” –  we will be rebranding the try sailing on the Open Day as a “Have a Go Session.”  Posters for this will be put out locally along with those advertising the Open Day and Rally.  We will be receiving bunting from the RYA which we can use to decorate the club and compound.

All things that we do can be reported to the RYA’s communications department and they will help us publicise this to the local press (in all of its formats) and hopefully get a mention on the RYA’s website.  The more interesting and unusual something is the better.

The scheme was launched in 2011 and as at beginning of March 550/600 clubs were signed up.


Vice Commodore

Lydney Yacht Club

01291 620189/07714 707405

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