Hi club members,
I’ve approved some of the replies I had just to show how this can work. Of course anything that is inappropriate such as criticism of the Commode will be instantly trashed 🙂
If anyone feels really strongly about an issue and wants to blog it then as long as it is reasonably argued, legal and not aimed at individuals I will approve it.
Please bear in mind that anything you say will be available to the world. We may consider paying for a subscription in future which will allow us to restrict this to members only but for the moment I think it’s important to show how we can be as a club.

Who is up for Gillian’s flares night. Mine are a bit tight but I’m willing. Not sure about letting them off though!……….Oh safety flares Doh!

6 thoughts on “Comments”

  1. Eric, Don’t be so paranoid about what people think of us. If we get on with each other then others will want to join in.

  2. Looking at one of the photos of the back of you on Macotte and also Kevin’s comment, things are certainly looking like they support you as a ‘commode’

  3. Gillian with flares ! Reminds me when we used to have regular safety demos for yachties in Liverpool. The most exciting thing being the parachute flare demos. After one occasion we checked up with the police and coastguard to see if it had caused any problems. There had been over fifty reports of u.f.o.s over the mersey and more encouragingly, almost thirty reports of vessels in distress in the same area. Wonder what might happen here ! Rob

  4. Is anyone looking for a dinghy trailer. Sea Fever has a new trailer so the old one is available. There is nothing wronge with it as far as I know. It can carry up to 550kgs has docking bars, spare wheel, spare wheel bearings and inflatable jockey wheel. The axle is very stronge and with some adaptation would probably take a small bilge keel yacht. Roger.

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