Fun and adventure?????

Last weekend some of our boats ventured downriver looking for fun and adventure.  I, in Suomi, intended to sail to Cardiff but when NE 5 to 6 winds were forecast for the following day I and others headed for Bristol.  This gave us a reefed beat from Clevedon to Avonmouth, Annabel and Sue L gave a great display of how to sail a Wayfarer in such conditions.  The Avon gave us its predictable flukey winds.  The next real excitement came when it was time to leave The Hole and head for Lydney.  At midnight it was blowing a hooley but by 0400 we convinced ourselves it had abated.  I towed Windlord out of the hole into the darkness, wind and waves to let them go to sail off into the darkness.  When I was in the Shoots I called them to see how they were doing; a very cheerful Annabel came back to say I was in sight and everything was fine.

Annabel and Sue showed great courage, skill and good seamanship and once again showed what a fantastic boat the Wayfarer is.  Really well done to them.  Take note you other Wayfarer sailors and consider what you may achieve in your boat (it will not always be as extreme as last weekend but you will be in the knowledge that you have a good boat under you).

Peter Lockwood

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