Lydney Yacht Club EGM 18th February 2017 7:30pm


Dear Member,

Notice of LYDNEY YACHT CLUB EGM Saturday 18th February 7:30pm

At the last Lydney Yacht Club (LYC) Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on the 22nd October 2016, the members present were not able to agree the proposal put forward by the Management Committee in relation to Boat Storage Fees and revised Storage Rules for the forthcoming year. In addition Audited Accounts for the Club were not available at the AGM. The Management Committee agreed to revisit Boat Storage Fees and Storage Rules in order to develop a proposal that took into account the views of a working group on this matter and that an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) would be held to provide members with an opportunity to vote on Boat Storage Fees and Storage Rules, and also to receive the Audited Club Accounts.

The EGM will be held at the Club House on Saturday 18th February at 7:30pm. Agenda details are attached (lyc-egm-agenda-2017).

Lydney Yacht Club Membership 2017

Membership Fees for LYC were agreed at the AGM and we attach the latest Application for Membership & Renewal form for your completion. We have extended the £5 membership discount to all fees received by the 1st March 2017.


Members Vote on Boat Storage Fees and Storage Rules

Please find attached the Management Committees Proposal for 2017 Boat Storage Fees and Storage Rules (lyc-proposed-storage-fees-and-storage-rules-2017). This proposal took account of the deliberations of a small working group. Members which took part in the group were Andy Simons (Chair), Phil Davies, Hedley Blackwell, Steven Brown and Peter Mellersh.

The attached proposal has been unanimously agreed by the Management Committee and we now offer this to the membership to approve.

Because this Vote has to go to an EGM and we want to give all members the opportunity to register their view, we are going to allow proxy votes in line with Rule 40 of Lydney Yacht Club Rules. Please find attached a voting form attached (lyc-egm-proxy-vote-2017) which includes details of how to register your vote by Proxy.

Your job is to either vote yes to accept the proposal or no to reject, in which case Boat Storage Fees and Storage Rules will remain unchanged until a new proposal is put to the next AGM.

Lydney Yacht Club has the lowest fees of any club in the Bristol Channel and we intend to keep it that way. The reason for the proposed modest increase in fees and change of rules is to encourage members to sail their boats and not leave them unused and in a state of disrepair in the compound.

Yours sincerely

Paul Hayes. Commodore. Lydney Yacht Club



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