Now the real racing begins!

Cold weather, cold water and cold feet for some. To take part in the winter sailing programme you will need to be kitted out in wetsuits or drysuits and I recommend the best foot wear you can find that will protect your feet from the cold water, oh and a warm hat too!

Still want to go sailing? Of course you do for you know it will be fun!

Pursuit racing may be new to some of you so here is how it works. The slowest boat(s) in the race start first at the time given in the programme (eg 1430, there will not be an OOD or any flags or sound signals. If you do not have a watch ask someone to shout at you when you can start!) The other boats start after a given period of time, after the first boat, based on their boat’s handicap.

The starting intervals are:-

Mirror and Lugger first off (eg. 1430)

GP 14 and Wanderer starts 10 minutes later. (eg. 1440)

Enterprise starts another minute later. (eg. 1441)

Wayfarer and Kestrel start another minute later. (eg. 1442)

All boats follow the same course for an hour. (eg.finish at 1542)

The finish will be indicated from the safety boat. The lead boat at 1542 will be the winner.

It is fun to do. Trust me and try it!

Have fun Peter

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