Rally Sat 15 June – Games or Lydney’s Alternative Olympic Games

Andy Simons
21 May 19:32
We need volunteers for the games stalls at the club rally. Much more fun than that old tea stall! The rewards are IMMENSE. We have a coconut-shy; roll up, roll up you lucky people! Roll or bowl a ball a paand a pitch. We have flying turtles; see those turtles take to the air, watch as they bravely demolish a stack of tin cans- crash! What joy. We have knock-out Boules- the concentration, the skill,like crown green bowling but fun! We have ping pong balls in the bucket, a game of such skill and difficulty it requires the nerves of a ninja. We have Davids pirate game- one for the kids to let their imaginations run riot on. We probably have more. So come on sailor, your club needs you. I shall be around with the chivvying stick if the response is underwhelming!

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