Work Parties for February

Hi all
Just a reminder about the next 2 work days at the club.

Saturday 11th February; Please bring earth-rakes, gloves for picking up rocks; shovels; spades barrows etc. ( we will be getting some tools for the club at some stage…. )

1. we are going to keep warm if its not snowing, by flattening the last bit of the old sail-loft area just inside the gate- there is still quite a big Tump there; rocks to go on the pile behind the dry stone wall we built last time.
2. Spare Topsoil to be barrowed into the hollows left by the drain operation and consolidated/ raked/rolled out.
3. Vegetation & junk to be removed from behind the S.B. hut and the two old dinghies from the corner by the Hut put in the “dead dinghy park behind the clubhouse. The EA will be replacing the fence behind the hut shortly.
4. Gus if you could please bring your little Tonka tractor and trailer that would be great
5. Spare bods under Gus’s auspices, finishing digging out the bit round the now exposed old air-raid shelter and clearing behind the club by the bank so we can decide what’s to be done to stabilise the bank/wall. ¬†The cess-pit will be emptied next week and we need that area clear.
Gillian will be providing her usual excellent butties etc. and the open fire will be roaring away as usual – so bring your muscles and make a day of it ūüôā

Overall Objective, to get the disturbed surfaces all ready for planting grass-seed in March.

If its wet we’ll get going on cleaning the club house
Saturday 25th February continuation….. + getting the safety boat back into working order and on its refurbished trailer
For a full list of work weekends please go to the link to the Rear Commodore‚Äôs news page link on ¬†members’ area. ¬†Please email me; if any queries
lets make this place hum again this weekend, llke we did last time 

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