Club Library


The intention is for the club to have a small (tidy) library for all members of the club to use. This may mean taking books from the library on cruises or to your homes. Whichever, all books should be returned to the library once you have finished with them.
Currently there is a selection of fiction and non-fiction novels as well as some technical books. For example The Admiralty Manual of Navigation Vol. 1, books on how to race and sail through to one on how to make your own sails (written by Annabel’s father).
There is room on the shelves for more books so if you would like to contribute some books to the library please do. However, I would only like to see books given that have a nautical flavour and not all your cast off Mills and Boon etc!
With time we could make this an appreciated asset but it will require members participation.
Cheers Peter

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