Haggis Neeps and Tatties

An excellent first club night for 2011. Gillian Mellor organised the event using the wonderful talent of Paul Hayes to provide a novel meal. Washed down with plenty of Spitfire and pleasant conversation the evening was a great success.

The roaring log fire couple with the new wall heaters kindly prepared by Hedley Blackwell in the afternoon meant that the club was warm and dry.

We will soon have new carpet on a reasonably level floor with bar tables more suited to the space making the club room much more pleasant. The grid has been removed from the end window giving much more light and the rotten frame will hopefully soon be replaced.

If you visit the club, you will see that the outside lights have been replaced. We hope to organise some work parties soon to tidy up the outside of the club and repaint the walls. Hopefully there will be plenty of willing volunteers.

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