Help please on Friday


I need some help down at the club on Friday to move the Bar drinks cooler up the stairs and generally clean up before  the carpet fitters come in.   It is my aim to have all my bar work finished by 9pm Friday.

Things that will need doing:

  • Behind the bar:

o   Glasses Washed

o   Bottles dusted

o   Rubbish disposed of

o   Surfaces wiped and varnish touched up if needed (Last job of the night)

o   Holes in wall filled (after bar fitted)

  • Stairs Cleaning (rubble removing)
  • Snug de-gunging to provide access to power through wall for bar cellar cooler
  • Entrance hall electrics sorting:

External Light Switches moving higher and the instructions for setting PIR lamp found.   This is an important job as the emergency light over the fire exit for the external bar stairs is powered from this circuit / light.   If it is switched off (as opposed to the PIR lamp powering down after a period of no movement) then the emergency light over the door runs on its internal battery until flat.  Clearly this negates the investment in the light and possibility more serious the club failing a fire inspection.

Fitting new light to brighten the place up would be a good Idea (£20 in focus with four spots).

  • General Clean-up of entrance hall so that work can begin on converting it to a wet area  tea/coffee room (muddy or wet sailing clothing acceptable are).
  • Re- sighting the long Church Pews to the gents changing room.
  • Drink Martin’s stock dry- allowing him to refill for the grand opening (1st April if Gill can arrange alongside the Life jacket testing or date TBA).

I shall be there from about 3pm so please do not be shy or assume that others will turn up I really do need a hand.  Besides if  too many people turn up then I am sure Jim can find them something to do that will be to the benefit of the club or failing that I have some sanding of Moonwisp’s wood work which would allow me to varnish on Saturday.




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