Thoroughly Dirty Weekend Open Day/Rally clean up.

To all Lydney Yacht Club Members.
Hello All,
We are having a “Thoroughly Dirty Weekend” at the club on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th June, in order to get the clubhouse and compound sorted for the Rally the following weekend. We need ALL OF YOU WHO ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING “LIFE OR DEATH”, to be down at the club at 10.30 on those days to help with the following. Bring your own tools/cleaning materials/protective gear.
1. Cleaning the clubhouse, loos, ante rooms, Kitchen, etc. etc. (General team, working with Bar Manager)
2. Clearing all the junk from around and under the boats in the compound to enable the grass-cutting team to do their bit. (2-3 people as necessary)
3. Moving the boats/masts etc. from the old sail loft site, to make room for stalls/tents. (Gus, KJK, the owners of the boats in question need to be there to move their boat and and/or its mast etc.)
4. Cleaning the safety boat, checking equipment. (safety boat crew + helpers)
5. Cleaning/preparing the club dinghies and boats being used for the static display (Vice Commodore and helpers)
6. It would greatly improve the appearance of the club if the owners of the boats (some of these are looking in need of some TLC) on the South side wall would come and give them a birthday as well!!!
Lots of other stuff needing attention will no doubt come to the surface; in the meantime, please keep in touch with the blog and watch for emails with “Open Day/Rally” in the subject line.
Many thanks,
Kathy Kilbey

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