Thoughts from Peter Lockwood

Peter Lockwood who is a longstanding member of the LYC has recently penned his reflections on Lydney Yacht Club over the last year…


This is about random happenings that I have noted throughout this year, which have occurred at our club during this year: just some reflections. I mention only a few names but there are plenty more that could/should be mentioned. There are so many doing good things for the club.

Throughout the year Hedley has been leading a wonderful group of volunteers. The skills and talent that are available from within the club are amazing. Hedley planned and led the project to redevelop the safety boat hut which, although not completely finished, has left us with a much more useful hut in a far better condition than it was. He had a dedicated band of followers to help him but we could all join in, which I did when I could and enjoyed doing it. Hedley then set about the landing stage again with a keen support group but again more of us could turn out to help. He is very good to work for.

Slowly during this year Angus and Peter have been reinstating down stair windows in the clubhouse. Most members seem to appreciate the results from these labours; the building looks better and more light finds its way inside making it a better place to be in. A clubhouse to be proud of.

Friday night bar opening has become an established event which is great to attend. It has the old public bar atmosphere in which sailing, club matters (be there or there will be talk behind your back!) well any topic will be discussed. It is all run by volunteers, some Sunday opening too; we have so much to be thankful for. Some great meals have been prepared and served at the clubhouse. Not many clubs, I wager, are served local salmon beautifully prepared.

Children are making themselves known too! In a good way, I must say, bringing a family atmosphere to the club. The young are the club’s future so it is so good to have them around. The compound, the whole dock area is a wonderful place to be and share and I know many others love it as much as I do. Volunteers keep the grounds tidy, grass mown and, as best they can, things in their rightful place.

After a cruise I was offered a picnic aboard one of the other cruisers shared with others. What a wonderful warm and friendly way to end what had been a pleasant weekend. There is so much support and goodwill amongst members. If you have a problem/task there is always someone willing to help you, if you want their help or not!

My Summer Cruise was heading for a messy end but it was saved by the actions of Nurse Wilson. He helped me beyond the line of duty when I had a technical malfunction to put me back on the rails. So wonderful to have such willing support around.

What I am reflecting upon is a wonderful club to which we all belong. You may not feel you are gaining as much from the club as I am, I am sorry for you, but I suggest you put more effort in and I am sure you will reap greater riches. We would all benefit greatly if everyone were to put more effort in. I see the club having a very bright future so please do become involved. It does not have to be to do with sailing for there is also a social/maintenance side to become involved with.


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